Living amidst the chaos

Living in chaos is not easy. It is not easy to maintain balance when onslaught arrives, when messages of fear with the flavor of uncertainty reach our ears.

We are designed to anticipate, to respond emotionally and cognitively in a rush when panic strikes us ... However, the ideal in the midst of these scenarios is calm.

The word of the year for this 2020 will undoubtedly be "fear" ... The current events already show all that kaleidoscope that is contained in this term, and in which it is integrated from the ghost of the most irrational behavior to those more integrative.
Those who assume fear, but choose to face it by carrying out proactive behaviors to solve a problem.

Fears can be educated and that is when we take the strongest steps. It is easy to say but carrying it out is possibly the most complex and traumatic act in the human being ... Because when chaos knocks on the door and takes away our calm, the mind goes wild and, what is even more dangerous, it infects others to make fear an enemy of extraordinary dimensions.

In these contexts, calm must germinate ... This dimension can also be trained because, after all, fear itself, anxiety and irrational behaviors are one more virus that we can learn to contain.