It is perfectly logical to assume that a wise and competent creator would foresee the needs of his creatures in their various stages of growth. The source would be given as necessary and as the necessary effort for its appropriation was made by the creature. The temporal needs would be covered by temporal things, mental needs by things of a similar nature, and the spiritual needs by spiritual elements. For the simplification of the distribution all would be composed of one main spiritual substance, which under proper guidance could be transformed into all products at the will of the operator. This is a crude yet true illustration of the underlying principles on which the human family on this earth is supplied. The father has provided a universal seed substance that responds with magical energy to the active mind of man. Faith in the growing capacity of this seed substance, whether wrapped in visible shells or latent in invisible electrical units, always rewards man with the fruits of his labor. The farmer may seem to get his supply from the seeds he plants, but he would never plant a seed unless he had faith in its natural ability to increase, and that seed would never multiply without the quickening life of the Spirit. Thus we see that all increase of substance depends on the quickening life of Spirit, and this fact gives us the key to mental processes which when used spiritually will increase and at the same time greatly simplify our appropriation of that inexhaustible substance which mind creative has provided so abundant.

In the following lessons we have tried to explain man's legal appropriation of spiritual sources and electrically provided by God. When we understand and adjust our mind to the realm or realm where these rich ideas and their electrical thought forms exist we will experience in our temporal affairs what is called "prosperity." We said "your electric thought forms." Let us explain that all creative processes involve a realm of ideas and a realm of patterns or expressions of those ideas. The employers arrest or "bottle up" the free electrical units that hold the thing visible. Thus creation is in its processes a trinity, and behind the visible universe are the original creative idea and the cosmic rays that crystallize into earthly things. When we understand this trinity in its various activities we will be able to reconcile the discoveries of modern science with the fundamentals of religion. Modern science teaches us that space is heavily charged with energies that would transform the earth if they could be controlled. Sir Oliver Lodge says that a single cubic inch of ether contains enough energy to run a forty-horsepower-engine for forty million years. The divergence of opinion among physicists as to the reality of the ether does not nullify the existence in space of enormous potentialities. Sir Arthur Eddington says that about half of the leading physicists affirm that the ether exists and the other half deny its existence, but, in his words, "both parts mean exactly the same thing, and are divided only by words."

The spiritual understanding says that the ether exists as an emanation of the mind and should not be confused in its limitations with matter. Mathematical measurements applied to the ether work it out of existence because its reality is in the mind that conceived it and its being is governed and sustained by ideas, and ideas have no physical dimension. So the ether will have existence and deposited matter only so long as the mind has use for it. When the infinite mind has completed the cycles of creation, the invisible and the visible universes will be rolled up as a scroll and disappear and only mind remains. “And all the host of heaven will be dissolved, and the heavens will be rolled together as a scroll; and all your host will fade away."

It adds greatly to the stability of a Christian's faith to know that Jesus anticipated the discoveries of modern science of the existence of that realm called "the ether." He named it the kingdom of heaven, and his illustrations of the possibilities of it are without equal. He didn't say it was a place that the good would inherit after death but a state we could have here and now. "It is the good pleasure of his father to give him the kingdom."

Jesus taught that we can incorporate life-giving rays into our mind, body, and affairs through faith. Where physicists simply describe the mechanical presence of life as energy, Jesus taught man how by the exercise of his mind he can make life obey him. Instead of a universe of hidden mechanical forces Jesus demonstrated the universe to be persuaded and directed by intelligence. What we need to realize above all is that God has provided for the most minute needs of our daily life and that if we lack anything it is because we have not used our mind in making correct contact with the supermind and the flowing cosmic ray. automatically from him.