The existing great spiritual realm: Awakening consciences in phrases

Each and every one of us has a natural body that lives in this world of forms, but we must know that in reality we are spiritual beings who find ourselves living from an underlying spiritual world, as we discover this great spiritual realm that exists here. where the intangible is found, we will understand that absolutely everything is manifested first from this invisible reality and in the end it is only externalized in this visibly physical world. If we include spiritual matters in our daily living from an integrating perspective in our lives, we will realize that all the problems and sufferings that seem to occur through life circumstances and situations are actually mainly the result of a cause. unconscious spiritual. In this investigation you will find the main tools to experience together with God the creator of the universe a life at its highest level. So with this knowledge and choosing with your own will the correct path of spiritual development, you will be able to experience a true revolution in your consciousness, since by removing all those false paradigms that prevented you from advancing correctly with your purpose, now you will find yourself freely in the true path for which you were really created here on earth. Currently all of us are participating individually and in different ways in this great spiritual awakening that is taking place in all of humanity. Thus, knowing our true nature and consciously carrying out our true mission, we will be fulfilling the true will of God in our lives, while appreciating a life of excellence, full of creativity and inspiration, experiencing a series of continuous victories in life.