When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing

Our lives are marked by an endless succession of decisions that need to be made at the right moment. The success of these decisions often depends more on when they are made than on the nature of the action itself. However, we often approach these decisions recklessly, relying on intuition or conjecture. This misguided approach can cost us dearly.

Daniel H. Pink gathers cutting-edge research and data on time management from disciplines such as psychology, biology, neuroscience, and economics. This data is synthesized into a compelling narrative, filled with captivating stories and practical advice. Pink demonstrates beyond doubt that timing, far from being merely an art, is actually a science. This way, we will never miss the chance to be at the right moment again!

  • How can we harness the rhythms of the day to chart our course optimally?
  • Why can certain interruptions dramatically improve outcomes?
  • Is it possible to benefit from a fresh start after an unpromising beginning?
  • In short, can we turn time into an ally rather than an enemy?