Recordis: When art becomes the door that takes you back to the Heart

Marie Guillaume, a freelance journalist, is commissioned to write a report for the painter Víctor Brossa. The journalist travels to a town in Gerona where the artist has his workshop. During three intense days, what had to be a placid interview turns into a clash of personalities that will lead to a totally unexpected outcome.

This film is an artistic process disguised as everyday history based on the practical application of Ritual Art. In it, artist Victor Brossah symbolically explores the different aspects of his creative ego. To do this, the film introduces us to the world of a fictional character (Víctor Brossa without the final “h”), presented as an incomplete and histrionic male construction that tries at all costs to awaken that other part of himself, an alter female ego represented by Marie, a creatively castrated woman who has taken refuge in her rational part.

Masterfully directed by Davit Gimenez, this play represents a metaphorical journey from which we are proposed to take creative responsibility for our lives beyond what each of our beliefs represents for us. Reality or fiction, sanity or madness, are only concepts that can be transferred when we understand life as an artistic process that allows us to explore, recognize, manage and integrate those aspects of ourselves that, whether internally or externally, maintain us continually faced and divided.

Shot in less than a month, without financial means and with a team whose members had never participated in the filming of a movie. Without previous tests, without advice or knowledge about the film industry and thanks to the voluntary contribution of all the members of the team and the disinterested help of a lot of people who decided to support this project, this film has been made.

Although many doubted the possibility of shooting this film from the media and the way in which it was made, this film is proof that the creative universes allow what the mind says is not possible. One of the great keys to achieving this has been the ability to flow and transform the scenes and aspects of the script according to events, playing at taking the film itself as a living entity that allowed the entire team to experience magic and transforming power of any creative process beyond what is expected.