What is a Business Plan and why is it valuable when starting a business?: Learn about its components and apply it in your entrepreneurial process.

What is a Business Plan?

A business plan is like the exciting map of your business adventure. It's a detailed document that tells you where you're going, how to get there, and what you need to do it. Think of it as your reliable guide to turning your ideas into reality, showing you how to attract your customers, outshine the competition, and ensure your business is a shining success.

Having a Business Plan is a way to focus your actions to achieve your business goals and get your dream off to the right start.

Components of a Business Plan

Here's a summary of the elements that make it up and integrate to make it effective and facilitate the start and construction of your ideal business.

Executive Summary

The Executive Summary summarizes the financial and value structure of the Business.

Business in the Market

Market Problem

It's the conflicting situation or need that we identify in a market niche that we already know. It's the reason for the emergence of a business idea.


By identifying the Problem, we can propose one or several solutions to it, which we can offer to a market niche.


Studying and validating if the solution already exists in the market reveals what level of competitiveness we require in the chosen niche. It facilitates identifying the differential factors of the competition and analyzing the differential factors of our Solution.


It's essential to define what makes the Business special with respect to the market, even recognizing that it doesn't always respond to a need, as the most important thing for the customer is the value or benefit that the Solution provides.

Target or Target Audience

It allows knowing who the ideal customer or target audience is... Who is the Solution designed for? What are the most important emotional factors when communicating messages to them?

It facilitates understanding the tone in which the business will speak, the strategic positioning approach, the correct dissemination channels, and the type of content to publish.

Sales Concept or Unique Value Proposition

Defines clearly and concisely what will be communicated... The initial message that people will perceive about your venture... Facilitates understanding what the business is about and what are the most outstanding characteristics of your offer.

The Value Proposition is the most appropriate way to communicate the reason for being of the business with a short message that provides immediate understanding to the public. The simplicity and effectiveness of this message allow potential customers to identify quickly with the offer. It must explain: what is the benefit of the solution provided? and why is the business unique?

Branding or Brand Management

Defines, among others, the emotional, visual, olfactory, tactile, and sound factors that convey the message of the business to the public. It must communicate the essence of the business to the minds of potential customers and generate connection with their emotion.


What customers is the brand looking for? Where will the solution be offered and how will it be sold?

Positioning Channels

Defines how to reach ideal customers and how to motivate interaction between the brand and potential customers. This includes choosing the right digital platforms in your sector. Positioning includes organic content diffusion and brand recall. It also facilitates contact between the business and customers (potential and converted).

Digital Content Strategy

Plan the type of publications your business will make to position the brand and generate connection with the audience. Valuable content allows you to reach more people, especially if you focus on your "ideal customers", showing that you have experience, knowledge, and authority in that market niche.

Sales Channels

Where and how will you ensure that your potential customers make the financial transaction? What payment methods will you offer customers? What facilities can you provide to reduce objections at the time of purchase?

Communication Channels

How will potential customers contact you? How will you stay in touch with your customers and prospects?

Distribution Channels

Allows knowing clearly how the Solution provided by the Business will be delivered to customers.


Provides a perspective on the Business's finances, always considering that your venture must be profitable or at least achieve a sustainable break-even point until profitability is achieved.

What should we consider in the financial area?

  • Initial budget
  • Production, operation, and distribution costs and expenses
  • Price of the offered solution
  • Margin and Break-even Point
  • Profitability projection

Workforce or Work Team

Allows identifying key factors by answering, among others, the questions: What is the operating team? What tasks does each one perform? How many do I need to start? What profiles are you looking for?


Identifies what machinery, equipment, licenses, and applications (software) the business requires for operations... What technologies are most suitable according to the possibilities? What is most effective to start? What time, money, and effort investments help you progressively improve and scale the solution you are going to offer? What do you require technologically for each of the channels you have identified and defined?

Adding value and providing experiences to your customers

The most important thing is to add high value to your customers' lives, even in categories you had never considered. Let yourself be surprised by the great opportunities of your market niche and amaze your customers by providing what they require and exceeding their expectations with each solution.

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