Rumi's teachings

- What is fear?
- The non-acceptance of uncertainty. If we accept uncertainty, it becomes adventure.

- What is poison?
- Anything beyond what we need is poison. It can be power, laziness, food, ego, ambition, fear, anger, or whatever...

- What is envy?
- The non-acceptance of bliss in the other. If we accept it, it becomes inspiration.

- What is anger?
- The non-acceptance of what is beyond our control. If we accept, it becomes tolerance.

- What is hate?
- The Non-acceptance of people as they are. If we accept them unconditionally, then it becomes love.

- What is spiritual maturity?
1. It is when we stop trying to change others and focus on changing ourselves.
2. It is when we accept people as they are.
3. It is when we understand that everyone is correct according to their own perspective.
4. This is when you learn to "let go."
5. It is when we are able to have no "expectations" in a relationship, and we give of ourselves for the pleasure of giving.
6. It is when we understand that what we do, we do it for our own peace.
7. It is when you stop showing the world how smart you are.
8. It is when we stop seeking the approval of others.
9. It is when we stop comparing ourselves with others.
10. It is when you are at peace with yourself.
11. Spiritual maturity is when we are able to distinguish between "need" and "want" and we are able to let go of that wanting.
12. Spiritual maturity is gained when we stop attaching "happiness" to material things.