Enrique Gómez Gordillo

Self-biography extracted from enriquegomezgordillo.com

Autobiography extracted from enriquegomezgordillo.com

Before I go on with the lecture roll, let me introduce myself to Inga (a Swedish word that means quickly).

My name is Enrique Gómez Gordillo Ruelas, the chubby one up here on the left.

I am a lecturer or lecturer, it depends on the dictionary you consult, professional. That means I charge for public speaking. (I acquired this bad habit after, in an event where I was applauded, the bank refused to deposit them in my account and exchange them for pesos or dollars at the current exchange rate).

Here many of my readers await a long list of self-praise, which I think amuses only the writer. What if I taught the Saint to fight. What if I am an adviser to Obama or, at least of some national English. That if I am a true CH-P-T (Well pa´todo but said to scratch it).

None of that. There will be time for those topics and, if you want, you can read my "professional resume" at this link: Enrique's CV.

My main topics are Marketing and Sales for SMEs, but I always try to get the people who go to my talks to take a little tools, a little ideas and a little motivation. You can't wait too long for something that lasts 90 minutes, right?

I am the author of five books on the subject, but the most popular is called "From Rookie to Chingón of Sales and Marketing in 17 Simple Lessons."

Aaaahhhh! And I write as I speak or I speak as I write, whatever suits you best.

I speak and write very Mexican, direct and foul-mouthed if you want; but curiously, this is part of my differentiation with other speakers. Well, we will have a chance to get there.