The Philosophy of P. P. (Phineas Parkhurst) Quimby

Dedicated To the sick everywhere.

The Philosophy of P. P. Quimby was written by American writer and early leader of the New Thought movement, Annetta Seabury Gertrude Dresser, and was originally published in 1895. Third Edition, Boston Geo. H. Ellis, 272 Congress Street 1899.

This work is an introduction to the nascent New Age philosophy of New Thought as pioneered by Phineas Parkhurst Quimby. Quimby developed a method of mental healing & philosophy that healed and ordered the "disordered mind" which he believed created disease.

Annetta Dresser, a previous patient of Quimby's, believed the system was so effective, that she decided to spread Quimby's discoveries and philosophy. In this (her first) book, she shares Quimby's new methods of healing, believing that they could heal anyone that took the time to understand them.

This work serves as a clear introduction for anyone interested in the New Thought movement or the possibility of healing illness through the mind.