Little Buddha

Seattle, United States, a young married couple meets a group of Tibetan monks who claim that their young son is the reincarnation of a Bhutan buddha. After the initial disbelief, the couple and their son leave for that Asian country, where they find a way of life and beliefs that are unknown. It is a fable for the child that we all carry inside and opens the window to the West showing him the unique experience of Buddhism.

The film is a clear reflection on the need to find meaning in life. In the footage the characters find spirituality through a journey from the western world to the land where Buddha managed to achieve enlightenment.

We have two stories that run in parallel: the life of Siddhārtha and the life of Jesse. While the little boy listens to the story of the young prince he discovers himself making the same reflections that Siddhārtha reached until he became a Buddha. In this case, accepting the pain, the loss, makes all the characters reach maturity, and with this they can feel safer, happier, in harmony with the world and the reality that surrounds them.

"The breath turns into stone; the stone into a plant; the plant into an animal; the animal into a man; man, into a Spirit, and the Spirit into a God."
(Kabbalistic phrase)