Autosuggestion (Self-suggestion) and Self-hypnosis

Autosuggestion allows each person to guide their own thoughts, feelings, attitudes and behaviors.

Autosuggestion, also known as self-hypnosis, is a psychological technique promoted by the apothecary Émile Coué at the beginning of the 20th century. Its origin probably dates back many centuries, one of its precursors being the mysterious hypnotist Abbé Faria. This technique is related to the placebo effect, which uses suggestibility to alter the memory of a past event or an existing belief through stimuli that impact the non-conscious mind (unconscious or subconscious).

The unconscious mind can be reprogrammed with the persistent repetition of voluntary stimuli: affirmations (verbal expressions), body posture (non-verbal expressions), tapping, written phrases, conscious thought, repeated images and imaginative visualization, among others.

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