In addition, it has as its focus human actions and those aspects of them that are related to good, virtue, duty, happiness and life accomplished. The study of ethics goes back to the very origins of philosophy in Ancient Greece, and its historical development has been wide and varied.



The word "ethics" comes from the Greek ἔθος or ἦθος (ethos = way of doing or acquiring things, custom, habit) plus the suffix -ικος (-ico = relative to). It refers to the branch of philosophy that studies morality and how to judge human behavior.

The Greek word ἦθος is associated with the Indo-European root * s (w) e- (separate, reflective third person), also present in εθνος (ethnos = nation, people, race, hence the words: ethnonym and ethnophobia) and ιδιος ( idios = alone, isolated, as in idiot and idiom).

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